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Criminal Law

Criminal Law | Baer Romain, LLP | PA AttorneysIf you have been charged with a crime, it is imperative that you obtain legal representation immediately.

Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, you will be required to make several preliminary decisions that are likely to affect the final disposition of your case.

Should you discuss your criminal law case with the police? Is it ever beneficial to testify at the Preliminary Hearing? Is it possible to resolve the case before going to court and, if so, whom should you contact and what should you say? How will a prior criminal record affect the final disposition?

Decisions will need to be made regarding bail, whether to waive a preliminary hearing and, perhaps most importantly, whether to accept a plea offer or proceed to trial.

Our criminal law practitioners include former prosecutor Stephen Baer who has 36 years of experience to guide you through the criminal process. He has tried the most complex cases with successful results and has earned a distinguished reputation with judges and other attorneys. He will evaluate your case, identify any non-trial options that may be available and, in the event your case goes to trial, provide a competent and professional defense. Our attorneys obtain excellent results and will go the extra mile for our clients.

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